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Solutions that fit you

We offer tailored solutions to fit each unique business. From business automation to data integration and information security, we design solutions that align with your specific goals and needs. We provide personalised service, working closely with you to understand your business and deliver cost‐effective, efficient and adaptable solutions. Don't settle for generic solutions. Choose us for tailored solutions that deliver results and drive success.

With the right expertise

Mastery is essential in achieving outstanding outcomes. Our accomplished and well-informed professionals are committed to developing the solutions you require, promptly. Our data consultants and security experts have the proficiency and background to assist you throughout every stage of your project, whether it be big or small. We will collaborate with you to understand your business and domain and aid you in achieving success.

Done with gusto

We don't just go through the motions. We possess a fervent passion for staying abreast of the latest advancements and tendencies in our field, allowing us to consistently produce outstanding and state‐of‐the‐art results that we can take pride in. Regardless of the project at hand, we pledge to exceed expectations and ensure success. Each task is approached with boundless enthusiasm and a steadfast determination to give it our all.

What our customers are saying

Working with Exact Realty is a true pleasure. Professionality and clarity are always highly present, even if the projects are large or small. Our varying needs have covered a broad array of technology needs, but this has never been an issue working with Exact Realty.
Frank S., Smidyo Ab
For us, working with Exact Realty was a great fit. They were well structured, had an on‐point understanding of the problem and specific tasks, were creative in the problem‐solving and delivered a working solution of high quality. The task consisted of building a software program (Chrome extension) automating the booking of driving tests at the Norwegian Public Road Administration. Building the software was not straightforward, something that can make outsourcing challenging, but with Exact Realty it was still solved in a very efficient and satisfying manner. I can definitely recommend working with them.
Patrick C., Way AS