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Exact Realty join the W3C

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In July, we announced our partnership with Smidyo to provide Vector Express. We view this as a strategic move to support our mission of facilitating interoperability and producing value through automation.

Today, as part of our long-standing commitment to open standards and furthering innovation in the web, we are pleased to announce our becoming a W3C member.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was founded in 1994 and is one of the chief international standard organisations for the web, including the ubiquitous HTML, CSS and SVG standards. The organisation is composed of over 470 members and is the arena for discussion and development to the latest innovations in the web space, such as WebAuthn, a standard for superseding password authentication, the Web Cryptography API, an API for accessing cryptographic operations on web browsers and the WebGPU Shading Language, a standard shader language that allows for bringing rich user experiences such as games and advanced animations to the web.

We strongly believe in interoperability, open standards, collaboration and transparency and as a W3C member, Exact Realty will be able to stay informed of new standards and advancements and participate in the various working groups to shape the future of the web.

The areas that are of special interest to us are accessibility, HTML, service workers and web authentication, as these closely relate to our areas of expertise and the solutions that we commonly work on. We plan on bringing our experience to the table to aid in producing high-quality standards as well as gain insights that can help us deliver even better services and solutions to our customers and the Internet community in general.

As one of the few Norwegian-registered W3C members (not including members’ subsidiaries), we feel a strong responsibility to ensure that we can represent the voices of our Norwegian customers and foster innovation and accessible standards worldwide as well as in Norway.